Actor Tony Darrow, who played the role of Sonny Bunz in Martin Scorsese's highly acclaimed film Goodfellas starring Robert DeNiro, says playing a wise guy is as natural to him as breathing.

Tony grew up in the East New York section of Brooklyn, a neighborhood known for its tough guys, wise guys and "only the strong survive" ethos. His background stood him in perfect stead to play a gangster in the black comedy about the mafia.

While Tony was never a gangster, he had plenty of opportunity to observe would-be mobsters and their attitudes while he was growing up. As a youth, Tony was gifted with personal charisma and a dynamic singing voice. As a teenager, he gravitated towards show business, entering and winning talent shows while working odd jobs.

Tony Darrow first made his mark as an upcoming singer on the stages of the biggest hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and the Catskills opening for comedy greats like Don Rickels, Buddy Hackett, Foster Brooks and Dom Deluise.  His comedy routine between songs got rave reviews and started his career in comedy where he has headlined and performed on stages all over the world.  Tony has also sung at Carnegie Hall and hosted his own talk show.


Tony has been married to Mary Ann Augeri since May 7, 2015.

Height: 6”1

Hair Color:  Brown

Eyes Color: Brown


Tony Darrow

Tony Darrow is the 2020 recipient of the HKNYCF Argo Lifetime Achievement Award

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