Tony Trivia

Tony Darrow was born on October 1st, in Brooklyn, New York, USA as Anthony Borgese. He has appeared on "The Tonight Show" hosted by Johnny Carson, "The Mike Douglas Show", "The Merv Griffin Show,  and was a frequent guest on "The Joe Franklin Show"

Tony Has:


-Received an Emmy for Best Ensemble as a Soprano's cast member

-Received award for Best Singing Performance In a Film at the Big Apple Film Festival

-Was named Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year in 1972

-Tony was once voted the Top Singing act in Atlantic City and starred in Frank Lessers            "Pal Joey" at     The   Claridge Hotel as Joey Evans

-Tony received the Distinguished Citizen Award from The Boy Scouts of America

-October 10, 1997 was decreed Tony Darrow Day in NY

-A champion for children, Tony has raised over One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) for          charitable organizations and has spent the last 15 years raising funds for New York State    Troopers.

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